Wintec Western Saddle – The First Item On My List!

Today I want to talk to you about saddles. Specifically the Wintec Western Saddle. The Wintec saddles are said to be the most popular right now among consumers like you, and me. Their website even claims that they, and I quote “are the worlds number one synthetic saddle brand offering innovations for horse and rider comfort” it goes on to talk about the different types of saddles they carry. I personally have never ridden with a Wintec, but it definitely seems to be the new age of saddle.


The Wintec saddle brand carries all kinds of saddles. Including all-purpose, dressage, western, and jumping. They also carry a new type of saddle that is supposed to be more comfortable for horse, and rider, but also a better design for horses with high withers, and wider horses. Back when I started riding saddles were more made for rider comfort, and to fit the rider, not so much the horse. They are also said to be scratch resistant, and weather proof. Wintec definitely seems to be moving forward in the world of saddles. The Wintec western full all-purpose saddle costs about 400 dollars.


Acerugs saddle is supposed to be a less expensive brand of saddle that still provides good quality product. They have very nice looking saddles, with good reviews. They say the seats of the saddle are very soft, and the underside has a light, soft fleece material making the ride more comfortable. Their saddles are very stylish as well, and their basic western saddle costs around 200 dollars.

Y&Z Enterprises

Y&Z Enterprises is another top brand of saddle, and is fairly inexpensive as well. Their saddles are stylish, and they have many to choose from. The have what is called a “treeless saddle” which means exactly what is sounds. They did not use any trees to make this saddle, so it is better on the environment, lighter weight, and said to be more comfortable. Their saddles are also made with synthetic suede. A Y&Z western saddle costs around 250 dollars.


Mustang brand has been in business for over 25 years, and have nice inexpensive saddles. They have a saddle called the “soft ride” saddle. It is said to combine the sleekness, and shock absorbing qualities of a bareback pad with the comfort of a form fitting saddle. The talk about the passion for the ride, and a love of horses which I haven’t read yet in the other descriptions. I believe this goes a long way. They are not just trying to sell you a saddle, they seem to actually love horses, and riding. A basic western saddle with them costs around 250 dollars.


Tahoe has a great selection of saddles. They are said to be high in design, and a quote “head turner”. Made from suede, and decorated almost completely, their description says they are for the person who wants to add a bit of flashy to their barrel racing routine, or everyday trail riding. They are still on the cheaper side too, and you can get one for about 300 dollars, which is still a little more than the others. If a little more flashy is your thing then this saddle may be for you.

Silver Fox

Silver Fox are another great brand. They are highly rated, and are more on the simplistic side. Definitely less decorated than the Tahoe saddle, although you can order a Silver Fox saddle any way you like. A part of their sales pitch is not decorative, and flashy. Instead, it is about their deep seats, durable material, and sizing. I could not find a traditional western saddle online, but their all-purpose saddle costs around 100 to 200 dollars. Definitely cheaper than the others here.

Henri de Rivel

Henri de Rivel is said by some to be the best of the best. Made with high density foam panels, deep seats, knee blocks, and many other nice features they are very well-designed. They are not made for the flash appeal, but are more for quality, and durability. They are also supposed to be very comfortable for both horse, and rider. With quality though comes price, and these saddles will cost you around 600 to 700 dollars give, or take depending.

Price, Quality, Flash. You Decide

Today we had a talk about saddles. First on our list was the Wintec Western Saddle followed by many others. Whether you value price, quality, flash, or a little of all there is something for you. I hope that I was able to help you decide on a decent wester saddle, and as always if you have any questions you may comment below, or email me at Thank y’all, and take care!

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