Horse Decor – Horse Decorations For Every Room In Your Home

Do you enjoy curling up under a nice, cozy blanket, drying off with a warm, fuzzy towel, shaking salt onto your food, cooking, relaxing outside, and everything else you do daily all while expressing your love Foalfor your favorite animal? I know I do. Now whether you want to go all out, and have every single thing horse themed, or have some nice horse items here, and there I have horse decorations for every room in your home, and for every season. What home isn’t complete without a little horse decor? In my opinion it adds a special touch to the everyday normal.

Living Room

Lets start at the front of our home, and work our way to the back. I feel like a living room is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. Like all rooms, and homes they come in all different shapes, and sizes. Whether you live in an RV, a trailer, a small home, a large home, or anywhere in between you can find exactly what you are looking for here. Some items I just absolutely love in a living room are:

          • Throw Pillows

            • Rugs

        • Paintings & Pictures

        • Couch Covers

        • Curtains

        • Figurines/Statues


    Just to name some.Pistol Statue


    There are all kinds of things you can get in horse theme for a kitchen. Literally anything you can think of, they have it. You could even wallpaper your home in horse paper, and I think it would be just lovely. To get you started on your horse themed kitchen I will name off a few things you can use to decorate. Of course some of these things can be used in other rooms as well. Here are some items you can use every day:

    Salt & Pepper Shaker

      • Seasoning Shakers – Horse shaped, horseshoe shaped, etc.

      • Hand Towels

      • Figurines – Statues

      • Rugs & Cushioned Rugs

      • Pots & Pans

    There are many, many things you can use to achieve the look that’s just right for you.

    Dining Room

    The dining room is the center of the home. Some people eat in their dining rooms every night while some people only eat there on holidays. Here at Horse Gear we have just the right thing for you no matter how often you use, or don’t use this room. To name a few:

      • Plates

      • Place Mats

      • Table Cloths

      • Wall Decor

      • Rugs, again


    Our bedrooms are our happy places most of the time. I feel like when I go to my room it is my place to fully relax, and unwind from the days stressors. The right decor can make it that much better. Here are some ideas to get you started. Bedroom Photo

      • Blankets- Of course we have to have blankets in our rooms.

      • Pillows

      • Rugs

      • Photos

      • Stuffed Animals

      • Lamps

    And the list goes on


    The bathroom. Where to begin? There are so many things you can do to a bathroom to liven it up a bit, but at the end of the day it is still a bathroom. Some spend more time in here than others, but no matter how much you are in there you can enjoy some bathroom decor.

      • Toilet Covers

      • Shower Curtains

      • Rugs

      • Loofahs

      • Sponges

      • Shampoo – There is a shampoo called Mane N’ Tail that was originally made for horses, but is used by humans all over.

      • Wall Decor

    Anything you can dream up you can have, or have made.


    I absolutely love spending time outdoors! The fresh air, the trees (if you live near them), the people sometimes (if you live near more people), cooking out, spending time, and playing outdoor games, and most of all horseback riding! There are several things you can add to your outdoor area no matter where you live that would make it just that much better.

      • A Live Horse – if you live somewhere you are able
      • Patio Furniture

      • Statues

      • Throw Pillows

    Again, anything you can dream up you can have, or have made.

    That Is All The Rambling I Will Do On That For Now

    I hope that you have enjoyed my lists of ideas on ways you can add a little, or a lot of horse to your everyday home life. You can enjoy all of the little things you love to do at home all while expressing your love for horses, or just because it looks good. Take Care!

  • *All photos are links to products you can check out on Amazon. I chose products that I either have already, or would purchase for specific rooms myself.P.S.Horse Ornament

    Do not forget your holiday decorations! Horse Table Topper

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