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I have recently discovered some things about the new age of horse training, and horse training equipment. Things have come a long way since my youth days of “Ride the buck out”, which means get on, and hold on for dear life until the horse stops bucking. Now days many people get on a friendship level with their horses to gain the horses respect, and companionship before they ever even think about getting on their backs. This takes a while longer, but is said to create a horse that will look out for you, actually cares that you are OK, and wants to be around you. Men like Pat Parelli, and Clinton Anderson who take on a more dominant role to gain respect, using more physical gestures (not hitting), and then there are men like Monty Roberts who have been doing this for a long time, and can seemingly talk to horses, and get them ready with only body language, and a minimal, gentle touch. It is amazing to watch.

With all of that being said I would like to get into some of the horse training equipment you will need to train your horse, and almost all of them I have used myself recently with my 2 year old filly Ella. I work with her every day to get her ready to ride, and she loves being with me.


You can not train a horse without of course the horse. Although you can not buy these on Amazon, you can find them near you.


Knowledge is a very important part of horse training, and ownership. You can not do anything without the knowledge to do so. I highly recommend looking up videos by Monty Roberts. He is my favorite. Clinton Anderson would have to be second, right alongside Pat Parelli.

Monty Roberts

Pat Parelli

Clinton Anderson


The first piece of horse training equipment you will need is a halter. This is the straps, or rope that goes around a horses head to help keep them where you need them to be, and helps with communication between you, and your horse. It is the contact point where you, and your horse meet without actually touching them.

Horse Halter


Next is a lead line. This is the rope that connects you, and a horses halter. I would call this the communication line between you, and your horse. They come in all lengths, but I prefer the 12-foot rope. It gives me enough room to lead them, and I can even lunge them on it if I need to. You can tie them to things, and really anything else that you need to do.

Horse Lead Line

Lunge Lines

Round Pen

I feel like one of the most important things in horse training equipment is a round pen. This is exactly what it sounds like, a round shaped pen that you exercise your horse in. It is either 5, or 6 feet tall so that the horse can not jump it, or get hung on it, and get hurt. Some horses can jump a 5-foot fence though, so beware. They range in size from 20 to 40 feet, and up. You can make the smaller if you buy the panels, and put it together yourself, but if you get to small then it will not be a “round” pen anymore. You can also buy posts, and fencing to build it yourself from scratch, but it won’t be easily movable. You can train your horse in this safe are without using a halter, lead, or anything. It is the perfect spot to work with your horse on groundwork, breaking, and daily exercises.

Round Pen Panels


Fence Posts

Whip, Crops, Flags

Another tool you can have on your side is a whip, not used for hitting the horse violently, but for light tapping as an extension of your arm. Crops are shorter than whips for closer range, or when you are riding the horse for gentle guidance. I believe if you have to hit the horse violently then you are not on a close enough level with this horse, and you need to get down to work on groundwork more, and gaining respect. You should never have to beat a horse into submission. There are many reasons for a horse acting out, but I will discuss those in a later post. Another tool is a flag. I love the flag because it doubles as a way to tap your horse, and also helps them get used to things moving near them. This is important because you do not want your horse spooking at every little thing while you are out riding on the trail, at a show, or anywhere for that matter. For our safety, and the horses we want them feeling safe, and secure at all times. You can even take your whip if it has a detachable end, and add a plastic bag to it for the same effects of a flag with the added benefit of making noise. Plastic bags are very noisy, and will help your horse get used to noises, and things that may startle it. Horses are spooked mainly by sudden movements, and loud noises, so getting them used to both will help you both in the long run.

Tough-One Whip This is one of the whips I have, and I love it. The end is detachable, so I can have it long, or short.





Treats are an optional thing that I do not use during training. A lot of people do, and that is just fine. I do not use them because I want my horses doing things for me because they want to do them, not because they are about to get a treat. It is an amazing feeling when you ask your horse to do something, and they do it simply because they love you, and they want to do things for you. Horses that learn off of treats will eventually do things for you because they want to do them, but will initially do things for the treats. I feel by eliminating the treats with learning it may take a little while longer to get the end result, but the horse will learn respect a little quicker along the way. That being said there are a lot of great treats out there that I give horses just because I love them, not to get them to do things. Everyone has their own personal preference, and there is no wrong way to do things unless it is abuse, or teaching bad habits. The end result is the goal, and having fun while you are doing it is key.



Really the most important part of training is patience. All horses learn at different paces, and they will not always go at the pace that you want them to. Be patient, and if you feel you are getting frustrated then walk away, and come back later, or call an expert. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need help. It is better to ask for help, and end up with a good, confident, and stable horse rather than to go it alone, and create bad habits in yourself, and your horse.



Asking For Help

Until Next Time

As always, thank y’all so much for taking the time to stop here for all your horse needs, and learning. I love spending this small bit of time with you talking about horses, and Horse Gear. Take care, and I will see you next time!

Horse Gear

Today I want to talk to you about saddles. Specifically the Wintec Western Saddle. The Wintec saddles are said to be the most popular right now among consumers like you, and me. Their website even claims that they, and I quote “are the worlds number one synthetic saddle brand offering innovations for horse and rider comfort” it goes on to talk about the different types of saddles they carry. I personally have never ridden with a Wintec, but it definitely seems to be the new age of saddle.


The WIntec saddle brand carries all kinds of saddles. Including all-purpose, dressage, western, and jumping. They also carry a new type of saddle that is supposed to be more comfortable for horse, and rider, but also a better design for horses with high withers, and wider horses. Back when I started riding saddles were more made for rider comfort, and to fit the rider, not so much the horse. They are also said to be scratch resistant, and weather proof. Wintec definitely seems to be moving forward in the world of saddles. The Wintec western full all-purpose saddle costs about 400 dollars.


Acerugs saddle is supposed to be a less expensive brand of saddle that still provides good quality product. They have very nice looking saddles, with good reviews. They say the seats of the saddle are very soft, and the underside has a light, soft fleece material making the ride more comfortable. Their saddles are very stylish as well, and their basic western saddle costs around 200 dollars.

Y&Z Enterprises

Y&Z Enterprises is another top brand of saddle, and is fairly inexpensive as well. Their saddles are stylish, and they have many to choose from. The have what is called a “treeless saddle” which means exactly what is sounds. They did not use any trees to make this saddle, so it is better on the environment, lighter weight, and said to be more comfortable. Their saddles are also made with synthetic suede. A Y&Z western saddle costs around 250 dollars.


Mustang brand has been in business for over 25 years, and have nice inexpensive saddles. They have a saddle called the “soft ride” saddle. It is said to combine the sleekness, and shock absorbing qualities of a bareback pad with the comfort of a form fitting saddle. The talk about the passion for the ride, and a love of horses which I haven’t read yet in the other descriptions. I believe this goes a long way. They are not just trying to sell you a saddle, they seem to actually love horses, and riding. A basic western saddle with them costs around 250 dollars.


Tahoe has a great selection of saddles. They are said to be high in design, and a quote “head turner”. Made from suede, and decorated almost completely, their description says they are for the person who wants to add a bit of flashy to their barrel racing routine, or everyday trail riding. They are still on the cheaper side too, and you can get one for about 300 dollars, which is still a little more than the others. If a little more flashy is your thing then this saddle may be for you.

Silver Fox

Silver Fox are another great brand. They are highly rated, and are more on the simplistic side. Definitely less decorated than the Tahoe saddle, although you can order a Silver Fox saddle any way you like. A part of their sales pitch is not decorative, and flashy. Instead, it is about their deep seats, durable material, and sizing. I could not find a traditional western saddle online, but their all-purpose saddle costs around 100 to 200 dollars. Definitely cheaper than the others here.

Henri de Rivel

Henri de Rivel is said by some to be the best of the best. Made with high density foam panels, deep seats, knee blocks, and many other nice features they are very well-designed. They are not made for the flash appeal, but are more for quality, and durability. They are also supposed to be very comfortable for both horse, and rider. With quality though comes price, and these saddles will cost you around 600 to 700 dollars give, or take depending.

Price, Quality, Flash. You Decide

Today we had a talk about saddles. First on our list was the Wintec Western Saddle followed by many others. Whether you value price, quality, flash, or a little of all there is something for you. I hope that I was able to help you decide on a decent wester saddle, and as always if you have any questions you may comment below, or email me at Thank y’all, and take care!

Search through even more great saddles by clicking HERE




Throughout this website so far I have, for the most part been all business. Let’s take a few moments to learn some fun facts about horses, and relax a bit. We can not be all business all the time. Well we can, but that just wouldn’t be any fun. Let me know in the comments below if you learned anything new today, or if you know any facts I did not mention here, and would like to share just add them below. Kids Under House With Donkey



Horses have around 205 bones in their bodies! Wow that is a lot! Humans have around 270 when they are born, but after we grow, and our bones fuse together we have only about 206!

A horses knee joint is equal to a human wrist joint, and their hock joint is like a human ankle!Horse Bones


A foal (baby horse) can walk shortly after birth, and even run!

A foal is born with their hooves covered in a soft tissue to make sure they do not hurt their mothers, or damage their birthing canals. This coating of tissue is called several things including, foal slippers, fairy slippers, leaves, gills, fingers, and golden hooves.

Mouth Breathers, No Way

No way! Horses can only breathe through their noses!

They breathe about 4 breathe per minute resting


A horses heart is about the size of a basketball! Now that’s a lot of heart!


Horses produce about 10 gallons of saliva A DAY! That is a lot of spit!


The first time a horse was clones was in 2003, and was a Halflinger mare in Italy. Now that is some crazy science!


If a horse is cold then the area behind their ears will be cold to the touch.

Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, and can rotate them 180 degrees!


Horses have the largest eyes of any mammal found on land.

They can see almost 360 degrees! Talk about eyes in the back of your head!


Horses can not vomit due to the strong muscles around their esophagus. Their stomachs would explode before they vomit.

Cut grass can give them colic if ingested. It can have to many fermented carbohydrates


Horses with pink skin can get sunburn, and so can humans with the same.


The best way to determine a horses age is by looking at its teeth.

As horses get older their adult teeth push out the baby teeth they start with, just like humans. By the time they become adults male horses have around 40, and females have around 35.

A horses teeth never stop growing.


Horses can, and will mourn, and become visibly depressed if a loved one dies.

Horses In Winter


Horses are very social animals, and can become lonely if left alone. Humans, and horses have a lot in common.

They usually live in herds.

The closest relative to a horse is actually the rhino! WOW!

Horses are more closely related to extinct perissodactyls than they are to goats, pigs, and other farm animals.


Horses sleep standing up, but can also sleep laying down. I prefer to lay down.


The original horse was no larger than a golden retriever! Wouldn’t that be adorable, but you would not be able to ride it!

Horses are measured in hands. One hand is equal to 4 inches.

Horses are measured from the ground to the highest part of the withers, which is the ridge between the shoulder blades.

Loving Companions

Horses have been domesticated for around 5,000 years! Our world has always had a love for horses!

Male, or Female That Is The Question

A female horse is called a mare (over 4 years). A male is called a stallion (over 4 years). While a young female is a filly, and a young male is a colt.

Food & Drink

Horses are herbivores. They do not eat meat!

On a normal day a horse needs to drink at least 10 to 12 gallons of water a day, but can drink up to 25 gallons! Remember they make 10 gallons of saliva, so they need a lot of water!

An average sized horse (about 1,000 pounds) needs to eat at least 10 to 20 pounds of hay per day. Around 2% of body weight.


Horeses can live up to 25, or 30 years!

Horses have lived longer though, and the oldest horse lived to be 62 years old, and died in 1822. His name was Old Billy. I wonder if they named him Billy, and then changed it later?


A horses brain is about 1 to 4 inches. About 2.5 inches on average. Way smaller than their heart! 

A horses teeth actually take up more room in its head than its brain!

Horses are smart enough to figure out how to open doors, and latches.

The horse head in God Father the movie is a real horse that was decapitated.

Is That Horse Smiling At Me?

When a horse curls his lip up to seem like he is smiling he is actually trying to smell you better. He is directing scent to a certain olfactory gland in the back of its nasal passage. 

Learn Something New Every Day

Learn something new every day is what I always say. You are never to old to learn something new, and it is always a good thing to learn new things. I hope that you enjoyed my facts about horses. I know I had fun taliking about them, and look forward to adding more as I learn new things, every day! As always y’all take care, and I will hollar at you later! 

In this article I want to take a few moments to give you information on where you can take a horse you are unable to care for, or even to adopt a new horse friend from a horse rescue farm near you. There are horses everywhere that need a safe, and loving home. Horse Tongue

There is no shame in turning in a horse you can not care for, and is definitely better than letting an innocent animal suffer. There are also people, and places out there that would be more than happy to help you get items you need to keep your horse healthy. Here are some of the top horse rescue farms in each state from A to Z. If you need help to find a rescue near you that is not listed here please comment below, or email me at, and I will gladly find it for you as well as call them to check availability, and set everything up so that you do not have to talk to them at all. Also, if you would like to have your horse rescue farm listed on this page you may contact me.Stuffed Horses


  1. Willow Farm in Loxley – (251) 978-4565
  2. Helping Horses Alabama in Brierfield – (205) 913-3139
  3. Hidden Hollow Pony Rescue in Moulton – (256) 292-3584
  4. Singing River Equine Rescue in Florence – (256) 415-7701
  5. Hope Horses, Inc. in Cullman – (256) 841-6290



  1. Alaska Equine Rescue in Wasilla – (800) 588-4677
  2. Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue in Eagle River – (800) 588-4677


  1. Desert Star Horse Rescue in Phoenix – (602) 618-1387
  2. Good Shepherd Healing Ministries Horse Rescue in Apache Junction (602) 615-7075
  3. Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert – (866) 926-8007
  4. Healing Hearts Animal Rescue in Cave Creek – (480) 279-5135


  1. Horses For Healing NWA in Bentonville – (479) 795-0570
  2. Sallis Ranch Large Animal Rescue in Greenbrier – (501) 581-7592
  3. Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue in Arkadelphia – (870) 403-7925


  1. Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Chino Hills – (909) 627-2524
  2. Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Caliente – (661) 867-2661
  3. Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown – (530) 474-5770
  4. White Rock Horse Rescue in Yucca Valley – (951) 532-2417
  5. California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai – (805) 649-1090


  1. DreamCatchers Equine Rescue in Fountain – (719) 232-7365
  2. Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont – (720) 494-1414
  3. Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in Franktown – (303) 751-5772
  4. Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue in Arvada – (303) 424-0037
  5. Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue in Ault – (970) 218-6351


  1. Horse of Connecticut in New Preston – (860) 868-1960
  2. Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue in Slonington – (860) 599-0555
  3. Ray of Light Farm Inc. in East Haddam – (860) 873-1895
  4. Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue in Bridgehampton – (631) 537-7335


  1. Changing Fates Equine Rescue in Laurel – (302) 339-5065
  2. Tri-State Equine Adoption & Rescue in Hartly – (302) 492-0492
  3. Greystone Horse Rescue in Rising Sun – (239) 322-9937


  1. The Wild Horse Rescue Center in Webster – (321) 427-1523
  2. RVR Horse Rescue in Riverview – (813) 280-9299
  3. Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue in Loxahatchee – (561) 951-2108
  4. Hope Equine Rescue in Winter Haven – (863) 287-7503


  1. Hope Equine Rescue in Winter Haven – (863) 287-7503
  2. Bearfoot Ranch in Canton – (678) 805-7433
  3. Equine Rescue of Aiken in Aiken – (803) 643-1850
  4. The Farm at Oatland North in St Simons – (912) 399-8159
  5. Iron Gait Percherons Draft Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Waleska – (770) 796-2598


There was only one listed for Hawaii

  1. Equine 808 Horse Rescue – (808) 590-1210


  1. Idaho Horse Rescue in Meridian – (208) 938-2358
  2. Boise Wild Horse Corrals in Kuna – (208) 384-3300


  1. CaseySociety for Hooved Animal’s Rescue and Emergency in Maple Park – (815) 762-1983
  2. Society for Hooved Animal’s Rescue and Emergency in Dewey – (217) 897-1435
  3. Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock – (815) 337-5563
  4. Randy’s Rescue Ranch in O’Fallon – (618) 616-4959


  1. Indiana Horse Rescue in Frankfort – (765) 605-5790
  2. Horse Rescue South in Cannelton – (812) 719-4176


  1. Lusco Farms Rescue in Malvern – (712) 624-9699
  2. Hercules’ Haven in Springville – (319) 743-8446
  3. Iowa Farm Sanctuary in Marengo – (319) 642-7362


  1. Hope In The Valley Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. in Valley Center – (316) 519-4129
  2. Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan – (620) 725-3402
  3. War Horses For Veterans in Stilwell – (816) 516-6630


  1. Kentucky Equine Adoption Center Inc. in Nicholasville – (859) 881-5849
  2. Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center in Lexington – (859) 246-3080


  1. Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana in Covington – (504) 858-3875
  2. Louisiana State Animal Response Team in Baton Rouge – (800) 524-2996


  1. Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals in Windham – (207) 892-3040
  2. Ever After Mustang Rescue in Biddeford – (207) 284-7721
  3. Horses with Hope Equine Rescue in Hope – (207) 542-5509


  1. Maryland Horse Rescue in Mt Airy – (410) 294-1521
  2. Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine – (301) 854-5037
  3. Freedom Hill Horse Rescue in Owings – (301) 806-1708
  4. Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Mt Airy – (443) 285-3835


  1. New England Equine Rescue North, Inc in West Newbury – (978) 510-1031
  2. Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. in West Brookfield – (413) 265-3270
  3. 13 Hands Equine Rescue – (914) 325-4941


  1. Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Ann Arbor – (734) 660-6449
  2. Horses Haven in Howell – (517) 548-4880
  3. Hugs Ranch in Byron Center – (616) 312-5254


  1. This Old Horse in Hastings – (651) 437-1889
  2. Truhaven Ranch in Winsted – (320) 224-5454


  1. Mississippi Horses in Madison – (601) 201-8522
  2. Healing Horses Ranch, Inc in Amory – (662) 315-1567


  1. Woodson Hill Equestrian Center in Kansas City – (816) 520-4908
  2. Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Linn Creek – (573) 216-3838
  3. Changing Leads Equine Rescue in Kansas City – (816) 226-7145


  1. Changing Leads Equine Rescue in Kansas City – (816) 226-7145
  2. Western Montana Equine in Missoula – (406) 728-5667
  3. River Pines Horse Sanctuary in Missoula – (406) 207-6105


  1. Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy in Gretna – (402) 359-8830
  2. Urban Acres Horse Rescue in Omaha – (402) 657-9247
  3. Double R Horse Rescue in Riverdale – (308) 233-1010


  1. National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley in Reno – (775) 475-2222
  2. Desert Pines Horse Rescue, Inc. in Reno – (775) 771-9162
  3. Wild Horse Spirit Ltd in New Washoe City – (775) 883-5488

New Hampshire

  1. Draft Gratitude in Winchester – (603) 762-3266
  2. Live & Let Live Farm Inc. in Chichester – (603) 798-5615
  3. Hidden Pond Farm in Brentwood – (603) 568-6654

New Jersey

  1. Mylestone Equine Rescue (Horse Rescue) in Phillipsburg, NJ – (908) 995-9300
  2. Rivers Edge Horse Rescue & Sanctuary in Newton – (973) 383-9144
  3. Bergen County Horse Rescue in Mahwah – No Number

New Mexico

  1. New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch in Stanley – (505) 286-0779
  2. Four Corners Equine Rescue in Aztec – (505) 334-7220

New York

  1. North Shore Horse Rescue in Baiting Hollow – (631) 334-8258
  2. Peaceful Acres Horses in Pattersonville – (518) 347-7874

North Carolina

  1. Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance in Wingate – (704) 219-3559
  2. Leilani Mae Horse Rescue in Linden – (904) 236-8928
  3. Horse Protection Society of North Carolina Inc. in China Grove – (704) 855-2978

North Dakota

  1. Farm Rescue in Horace – (701) 252-2017
  2. ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch in Williston – (701) 859-5813


  1. Angels Haven Horse Rescue Inc. in Grafton – (440) 781-5060
  2. Bella Run Equine in Athens – (740) 707-0793
  3. Ohio SPCA in Lima – (419) 991-1775


  1. Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, Inc. in Harrah – (405) 399-3084
  2. Pet Angels Rescue Adoption Center in Guthrie – (405) 413-2895
  3. Flames to Hope Equine Assisted Services – (405) 924-4380


  1. Equamore Sanctuary in Ashland – (541) 482-5550
  2. Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary in Sandy – (503) 341-1102
  3. Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio – (503) 394-4486
  4. Calcagno Equestrian Center in Oregon City – (503) 209-7109


  1. Central Pa Horse rescue in Lewisberry – (717) 855-5188
  2. Appalachian Horse Rescue in Linden – (570) 322-3260
  3. Omega Horse Rescue in Airville – (717) 862-3322

Rhode Island

  1. Horse Play in North Kingstown – (401) 294-3565
  2. Rhode Island SPCA in Riverside – (401) 438-8150

South Carolina

  1. Equine Rescue of Aiken in Aiken – (803) 643-1850
  2. L.E.A.R.N horse rescue – (843) 991-4879
  3. H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue in Summerville – (843) 412-3519
  4. Big Oaks Rescue Farm in Hodges – (864) 992-3570

South Dakota

  1. Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs – (605) 745-5955
  2. New Horizons Animal Rescue in Avon – (605) 286-3068


  1. Faith N Friends Horse Rescue – (865) 236-0607
  2. Safe Harbor Sanctuary in Cottontown – (615) 997-0697


  1. Habitat For Horses in Alvin – (409) 986-8800
  2. Throwaway Ponies in Farmersville – (214) 202-1390
  3. Lone Star Ranch and Rescue in Blue Ridge – (214) 432-5454
  4. The Brighter Days Horse Refuge Inc. in Pipe Creek – (830) 510-6607


  1. The Stable Place in West Valley City – (801) 860-3906
  2. Headin’ Home Horse Pasture in Magna – (801) 910-2698


  1. Gerda’s Equine Rescue in Townshend – (802) 874-7213
  2. Spring Hill Horse Rescue in North Clarendon – (802) 775-1098


  1. Equine Rescue League in Lovettsville – (540) 822-4577
  2. White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue in Burkeville – (434) 767-2839
  3. Central Virginia Horse Rescue in Kenbridge – (434) 774-6607
  4. Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. in Afton – (434) 531-5688


  1. Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) in Redmond – (360) 692-3611
  2. Olympic Peninsula Equine Network (O.P.E.N.) in Sequim – (360) 207-1688
  3. 2nd Chance Ranch Rescue & mobile petting zoo in Otis Orchards – (509) 844-3702
  4. Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation in Maple Valley – (425) 432-9697

West Virginia

  1. Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine – (301) 854-5037


  1. Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in Elkhart Lake – (262) 627-0582
  2. Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation in Pittsville – (715) 884-2215
  3. Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Verona – (608) 440-1118


  1. Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Hartville – (307) 735-4177
  2. Jackson Hole Regional Horse Rescue in Jackson – (307) 887-3355

Proud Horse

Until Next Time

By surrendering, or adopting a horse today you could literally be saving a life!

All names and numbers courtesy of Google. If you do not see your horse rescue farm listed here, and would like to have it listed contact me at, or comment below as well. If you need to find a rescue in a certain city, or closest to you comment below, or email, and I will gladly find that rescue, as well as call them to check availability, and set everything up so you do not have to talk to them at all.

All rescues listed have a 4.5 star, or higher rating according to Google reviews. I chose which to list first based on a combination of high review, and number of reviews. Other rescues may have had 5 stars, but only 2 reviews while another may have had a 4.9 star rating with 300 reviews, so I would have chosen to list the 4.9 stars first. The rescues I chose to list are strictly based off of Google, and in no way reflect my personal opinions of each place. Thank y’all, and as always take care!

Horses & Baby

Do you enjoy curling up under a nice, cozy blanket, drying off with a warm, fuzzy towel, shaking salt onto your food, cooking, relaxing outside, and everything else you do daily all while expressing your love Foalfor your favorite animal? I know I do. Now whether you want to go all out, and have every single thing horse themed, or have some nice horse items here, and there I have horse decorations for every room in your home, and for every season. What home isn’t complete without a little horse decor? In my opinion it adds a special touch to the everyday normal.

Living Room

Lets start at the front of our home, and work our way to the back. I feel like a living room is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. Like all rooms, and homes they come in all different shapes, and sizes. Whether you live in an RV, a trailer, a small home, a large home, or anywhere in between you can find exactly what you are looking for here. Some items I just absolutely love in a living room are:

          • Throw Pillows

            • Rugs

        • Paintings & Pictures

        • Couch Covers

        • Curtains

        • Figurines/Statues


    Just to name some.Pistol Statue


    There are all kinds of things you can get in horse theme for a kitchen. Literally anything you can think of, they have it. You could even wallpaper your home in horse paper, and I think it would be just lovely. To get you started on your horse themed kitchen I will name off a few things you can use to decorate. Of course some of these things can be used in other rooms as well. Here are some items you can use every day:

    Salt & Pepper Shaker

      • Seasoning Shakers – Horse shaped, horseshoe shaped, etc.

      • Hand Towels

      • Figurines – Statues

      • Rugs & Cushioned Rugs

      • Pots & Pans

    There are many, many things you can use to achieve the look that’s just right for you.

    Dining Room

    The dining room is the center of the home. Some people eat in their dining rooms every night while some people only eat there on holidays. Here at Horse Gear we have just the right thing for you no matter how often you use, or don’t use this room. To name a few:

      • Plates

      • Place Mats

      • Table Cloths

      • Wall Decor

      • Rugs, again


    Our bedrooms are our happy places most of the time. I feel like when I go to my room it is my place to fully relax, and unwind from the days stressors. The right decor can make it that much better. Here are some ideas to get you started. Bedroom Photo

      • Blankets- Of course we have to have blankets in our rooms.

      • Pillows

      • Rugs

      • Photos

      • Stuffed Animals

      • Lamps

    And the list goes on


    The bathroom. Where to begin? There are so many things you can do to a bathroom to liven it up a bit, but at the end of the day it is still a bathroom. Some spend more time in here than others, but no matter how much you are in there you can enjoy some bathroom decor.

      • Toilet Covers

      • Shower Curtains

      • Rugs

      • Loofahs

      • Sponges

      • Shampoo – There is a shampoo called Mane N’ Tail that was originally made for horses, but is used by humans all over.

      • Wall Decor

    Anything you can dream up you can have, or have made.


    I absolutely love spending time outdoors! The fresh air, the trees (if you live near them), the people sometimes (if you live near more people), cooking out, spending time, and playing outdoor games, and most of all horseback riding! There are several things you can add to your outdoor area no matter where you live that would make it just that much better.

      • A Live Horse – if you live somewhere you are able
      • Patio Furniture

      • Statues

      • Throw Pillows

    Again, anything you can dream up you can have, or have made.

    That Is All The Rambling I Will Do On That For Now

    I hope that you have enjoyed my lists of ideas on ways you can add a little, or a lot of horse to your everyday home life. You can enjoy all of the little things you love to do at home all while expressing your love for horses, or just because it looks good. Take Care!

  • *All photos are links to products you can check out on Amazon. I chose products that I either have already, or would purchase for specific rooms myself.P.S.Horse Ornament

    Do not forget your holiday decorations! Horse Table Topper

I think it is safe to say that just about all of us want our horses to be Mustanghealthy. There are a lot of products out today, good products that we can use to help maintain our hoofed friends health. Everything from shampoos to vitamins, and even pest control (internal & external). Although nothing beats a good veterinarian, horse health care products can be cheaper, and are just as effective at solving minor issues. In this article I am going to discuss some of the various ways you can take care of your horses everyday needs without calling in the big guns.

Shampoos & WashesWash Day

Lets start with the basics, shampoos / washes. There are many, many types of horse washes out today. Everything from hypoallergenic, all natural / organic, sensitive skin, and so on. Pretty much any kind you can find for humans you can also find for horses. One popular brand named Mane ‘N Tail was originally created for horses, but is often used by people. It is said to make hair softer, healthier, and promote growth. Other good brands include:Foam

  • Farnam Vetrolin
  • Pet MD Medicated
  • Calm Coat Hypoallergenic
  • Mane ‘N Tail
  • WARHORSE Natural

As well as many, many more. This is just to scratch the surface.

Hoof Care

Hoof care may be one of the most important parts of the external care of your horses. Horses rely heavily on their hooves maybe even more than we do on our feet, as improper care, or problems with hooves can mean the difference in life, or death. Also, having to seek treatment for problems with hooves can be very costly, so prevention is the best option for health, and finances. Hoof Cleaning

There are a plethora of informational books out there on horse hoof care, and horse health care products in general for that matter. Caring for a horses feet may seem like a daunting task, but is generally fairly easy. You should start foals out young though to try, and ready them, and prevent having to handle a stubborn, unaccustomed adult horse. Several of these books are:

  • The Essential Hoof Book: The Complete Modern Guide to Horse Feet by Susan Kauffmann
  • Horse Trimming Made Simple by Dennis Cappel
  • Hoof Care For Horses by Henry Heymering C.J.F. R.M.F.
  • Millwater’s Farriery: The Illistrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare by Dave Millwater

I recommend keeping a log book of this information, and every time you perform any care to your horses just in case you ever need this exact information.

Hoof Tools

Now we will talk about tools. There of course are all kinds of tools, and tool kits available for hoof care. I personally love the kits, and you can often find them cheaper than buying the items separate. The tools you will generally need are:Horseshoe

  • A stand. Now this is optional. You can always rest the hoof on your knee, or something else, but these are made specifically for this task, and can come in very handy especially for comfort. Tough-1, HoofJack, and Hoof-it make some pretty good stands.
  • Hoof oils, and conditioners: These come in many different forms, but are best used every other day during the summer to maintain hoof health, and prevent cracking. Some good brands of these are Farnam (deep penetrating), Absorbine Hooflex, SOUND, Fiebing’s, and Farriers’ Fix.
  • Shoes: Check horse shoes every day
  • Pick: A good hoof pick is an important thing. It is best to pick your horses hooves out every day to help clear rocks, and debris. A few brands I recommend are: Ultimate Hoofpick, Wahl, Tough-1, and Intrepid International.
  • Rasp: A rasp is used to file down your horses hooves which are essentially giant toe nails, and a rasp is a giant toe nail file. Tough-1, Southwestern Equine, Heller, and ProRider are a few good brands.
  • Hoof Nipper: Where the rasp is the nail file, the nipper are the nail clippers. They help to trim away excess nail from the hoof. JT International, Tough-1, and Southwestern Equine sell some great hoof nippers.
  • Knife: There is also a small tool some call just a knife. It looks kind of like a knife, but is used to shave away some of the nail. Southwestern Equine, Tough-1, and JT International also sell great knives.

Now if you want to purchase these all in a kit then Tractor Supply, Southwestern Equine, ProRider, and JT International sell nice kits that usually come with a carry case, and all.

Combs & Brushes

Combs are a pretty self-explanatory item. I recommend brushing your horse after every ride, and any time you feel it is necessary in between. You can brush your horses to remove dirt between washes, scratch those hard to reach places to help your buddy out, or just to bond with your horse. I enjoy it, and find it relaxing. Emma Brushing Molly

Dewormer & PestFly

Keeping your hoofed friend worm, and pest free can be fairly simple, but is a very important part of care. Worms are a problem for any animals, and can cause digestive issues, and trouble with appetite. A worm problem left untreated can even lead to your pet not getting enough nutrients, and essentially starving. Horse Fly

External pests are also a major problem for horses. They can lead to infections, and diseases carried in by the pests, or obtained after from wounds. It can also cause skin problems, open sores, and not to mention all the discomfort. These pests include: Flies, ticks, lice, horse-flies, mosquitoes, bot flies, and many others depending on your location. All of these mean bad news for your horse. Some of the best horse dewormers, and pest control medications on the market today are:

  • Farnam has all kinds of pest control from wormer to external pest.
  • Durvet Dewormer
  • Pfizer Feed Fly Preventative
  • Animed
  • Pyranha

Just to name a small portion


Horse vitamins serve basically the same purpose that human vitamins do, and come in all different types, and needs. Everything from every day supplements, joint protection, and health, senior horse supplements, and any need you can imagine they have a vitamin for it. Some of my favorite brands are:

  • Farnam: This brand really does it all.
  • Animed MSM
  • Majesty’s
  • Horse Gaurd

Always research vitamins, and choose what’s right for your horse.


Who does not like a good sweet treat every once in a while, or when we do something good? I know I do. Your horse will love them too. Other than the basic apples, and fruits I like to feed to horses you can also find good, nutritional, healthy treats out on the horse market.

Not all horse treats out there are good for your horse though, so like anything do your research before choosing. I have done some of the research for you, and here are some of the best ones that do not cost an arm, and a leg as well.

  • Purina Nicker Makers Horse Treats, all Purina Horse Treats: I have always loved Purina brand foods in general for all my pets. They are made with good ingredients, and decently priced.
  • Sweet Farm Natural Horse Treats: An all natural treat
  • Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch: Pretty self-explanatory what these are all about.
  • Manna Pro: Comes in all kinds of varieties for all your horses needs

Throw in a nice salt lick for extra benefits.

FeedApples In Row

Choosing the right feed will make the difference between a happy horse, and a colicky horse. I recommend choosing a feed, and feeding only one new feed at a time to make sure if any reactions occur that you will know which feed caused the problems. Also, when switching from one food to another, unless there is a major problem with the previous food introduce the new food by adding small amount of the new food to the old food, and gradually increasing the percentage of new food until only the new food is left. This will help reduce the chances of rejection. Always pay very close attention to your horses diet, and dieting needs. Some of the foods I prefer are:

  • Purina: Always a favorite of mine.
  • Farnam: Comes in all diet needs, and made from good ingredients.
  • Manna Pro: Also comes in all diet needs, and made from good ingredients.
  • Total Feeds Total Equine: Very good feed, a tad bit more expensive.Hay Stacked  

Hay Field

So Long For NowWalkng With Emma & Molly

I hope that this article helps you even just a little in your search for horse health care products. These products are an important part of horse ownership, and every horse deserves to have the best, of the best, of the best in every aspect of their lives, and so do you! Do not hesitate to comment below, or contact me at with any questions, or research requests. Thank y’all & take care!

Horse Riding EquipmentHere at Horse Gear I believe that the right equipment is not only a good thing for us humans, but for our horses as well. After all if our horses are not happy then we won’t be either. I am going to talk about a few types of horse riding equipment here, and a little bit about what all responsible horse parents should know about gear.


 Saddles are the devices that go on top of your horse for seating. They are strapped on with a girth (padded strap around your horses stomach), and also contain stirrups which hold your feet to make you more comfortable. Western Saddle

 There are several different types, and styles of saddles. You will want to find the one that best fits your rump, and the riding occasion. After all it can be a bumpy ride sometimes. Whether you are just joy riding, or riding for show you can find exactly what is right for you. You can even find them in any color you fancy. The most common styles are:

  • Dressage
  • Endurance
  • Western
  • Polo
  • Sidesaddle
  • Cutting
  • Reining
  • Austrailian
  • Barrel Racing
  • General

Saddle Pads

 Saddle pads are the cushions that go between your saddle, and your horse. It makes the ride more comfortable, and helps to prevent rubs, or scrapes on your horses skin.Saddle Pad

 Saddle pads come in all kinds of colors, and designs. Whatever your heart desires you can find it.


 Bridles go on, and around your horses head to be the base point of communication between you, and your horse.Horse Wearing Bridle

 Finding the right bridle can be a daunting task. It all boils down to the size of your horses head, the type of riding you are doing, and the comfort of your horse of course. There are 6 main types of bridles, and they each serve a different purpose just like all of our other horse riding equipment detailed in this post. Here are the 6 main styles:

  • Western
  • Relief
  • Snaffle
  • Double
  • Halter
  • Bitless

All come in different styles


 Bits go in your horses mouth, and apply pressure to help your horse know which direction you are asking him to go.Smiling Horse

 Bits should be easier to choose from, but are just as important as saddles, bridles, or reins. In some cases these are not always needed. Also, you have to be sure to place the bit over your horses tongue, and never under. This can cause severe pain for your horse, and even result in injury. The different types of bits are:

  • Snaffle
  • Curb
  • Pelham
  • Gag
  • Double
  • Hackamore
  • Mouthpiece

All of which come in different variations

Reins & LeadsHorse With Reins

 Reins are the ropes so to speak that fasten to the bridle, and connect it to your hands. They serve as the metaphorical steering wheel during your ride.

 Leads are usually a single rope used to lead your horse where you need it to go whenever you are not riding. They are often used when you have a child, or inexperienced rider on the horse.

 There are a few different variations of reins, and leads. Reins are pretty much either double (a single strand on each side of your horses head, not connected), and closed (one single line connected from one side to the other). I prefer to buy double, and then tie it together if I want to use it as a closed rein. Leads generally come in a few different types of rope, many colors, and different styles of clips. A few of the rope styles are:

  • Hand Braided/Braided
  • Chain
  • Leather

Again, all come in different styles, combinations, and variations


 Decorative items are an option for anyone who wants to express their personalities with their horses, or add a dash of color, and/or style to their horse riding equipment. Some people enter parades, or shows, and go all out with their horses costumes.Horse In Parade

 There are all kinds of options to choose from, and definitely way to many for me to even come close to naming them all, but I will try to scratch the surface. Of course with everything they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are all wonderful. You just choose what’s best for your personality, and style, and run with it. Some of the different types are:Braided Horse

  • Beads
  • Paints
  • Sashes
  • Feathers
  • Hair Styles
  • Sequins
  • JewelsBridle Decorations

Seems Like A Lot Doesn’t It

 Choosing the right horse riding equipment can be a fun, and exciting experience. Yea, I know that there seems to be so many types of horse gear that it may be difficult to decide which style is best suited for you, and your horse, but its something you can do very easily. With all the different styles, colors, materials, etc. It won’t be long before you, and your horse are riding off into the sunset in your new duds. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thank y’all, and take care!Horse In My Hair

Get the Horse Gear you need here! 

  I did not add a section on Stirrups and Girths since there is not much to talk about, or explain about them. You can find them both by clicking the links in the words. 

Hey Y’all! Staci Jones here! Welcome to Horse Gear where we live, and breathe HORSES! Who knew happiness had a smell! We are here to serve all of your horse needs, and if there is ever anything I can do for you do not hesitate to let me know!


I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Benton Arkansas. I have had a passion for horses as long as I can remember, and have been riding just as long. When I wasnt out riding I spent my younger days in the woods with my little sister playing in the creeks, making soups out of leaves, building forts, and even catching snakes. I am right at home outdoors, and actually prefer it. Fresh air does the body, and soul good.

I had a pretty rough home life as a child, and horses were always my escape. No matter what was going on in my world I could always get lost in the horse world, and I loved it! I would sit for hours sometimes just talking to them. I was so free on horseback, and even enjoyed bathing them after the days ride, and as I grew so did my love for this magnificent animal. So kind, and gentle yet strong, and sometimes stubborn. Pretty much like me! That lifelong love led me here, and now I share this passion with my children.


First of all my passion for horses, and anything that has to do with them. I am a caring person by nature, and I believe that everyone should have access to things that will improve their life in any way. Good quality products are not the foundation of a fulfilling life, but they darn sure make things better, and often easier.


A major part of living, and breathing horses is tack. The proper gear is definitely essential for a safe, comfortable ride not only for us humans, but for our horses as well. Not to mention a home just would not be complete without at least one thing horse. I am here to provide everyone with the best in horse gear, and every day items.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you so much for your time!

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